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About Us

About Us

The very core of Eltrium is based on collaboration and partnership with our customers.


It is our role to listen to the challenges you face, to fully understand the requirements of the task and, using our wealth of expertise and capabilities to craft and deliver superior solutions which are bespoke to your needs.

Whether you are looking for build-to-print or full design-and-build, Eltrium provides you with the very best of what you require, reliably, on time and competitively priced. 

With collective experience comprising many years in design and manufacturing of top quality harnesses, our vigilant team is always ready to provide consultation and technical supports along the way where an opportunity to optimise any part of the process is identified.

Why Us


One of Eltrium's many strengths is our people.


Each member on our team has travelled a different career path before coming together at Eltrium.


This unique and diverse collection of expertise brings an intelligent and robust understanding of our markets, customers, specialisations and capabilities.Our customers know they can always put their trust in our solid knowledge and confident experience.


Hanging lightbulb with glowing Expert co


Our strength lies in our team of experienced engineers and skilled technicians who have the energy and passion for the future.

This keeps Eltrium and our customers always one step ahead of the times.






We adopt an innovative approach to the design and manufacturing of top-quality electrical harnesses and energy storage systems.

Our new design and procurement styles allow us to react quickly and flexibly to our customers' requirements in the most cost-effective manner.

Business Handshake


We understand the importance to invest in the needs of our customers to build reliable, long-term partnerships. That's why we are investing to build a state-of-the-art workshop facility in the Midlands to support our goal to become UK's leading harness and battery pack manufacturer and supplier.

Motor & Generator Repair


We believe in delivering the highest of quality in a consistent and timely manner so that customers can trust in the work we do. In addition, our quality team is extremely experienced in testing and inspection of complex electrical assemblies, where detailed procedures are established to ensure repeated testings for consistent, high

Core Strengths


Stephen Runnacles

Managing Director

Steve Runnacles.jpg

At Eltrium, we aspire to
create the ultimate electrical harness facility. Our many years of experience in design and manufacturing allow us to focus on exactly what is required to achieve this -- to be the best of our kind -- by our fantastic team that all share a common goal to succeed.

Stephen's early obsession for Motorsport took him from apprentice to world-class Motorsports Engineer.


Initially working on F1 harness systems, Stephen started his career at Jordan GP to design support electrical systems build at the track and factory. He then joined the British American racing team which, over time, has become Mercedes F1, as the Lead Electrical Design Engineer supporting Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. During his time at Mercedes, Stephen managed both their electrical and mechanical design teams alongside production planning and has achieved ILM level 5 management training.  


This exciting and challenging career combined with an insatiable drive for success and infectious can-do personality make Steve an undoubtedly integral part of our Eltrium Team.

Andy Ives

Production Engineer

Andy ives.jpg

Eltrium has the right team and key personnel that allow us to be the pioneer of the Motorsports & Automotive industry. Our unique business model and approach bring new dynamics to the market which always result in customer satisfaction to the highest degree.

Having worked as Wiring Technician for Aerospace, Automotive, WRC, Indy Car and Motorsport, Andy has an extensive technical background and expertise.

 Andy discovered his niche working in Motorsports when he joined Brawn GP F1 Racing Team, where he and his team won in the 2009 F1 World Constructors Championship. After the team's transformation into Mercedes F1, Andy became a Race Team Electrical Technician and attended many world-class races and test events globally. He then continued his career success by joining Red Bull Racing, helping the team to win multiple championships.

When Andy stepped away from the circuit, he became a Technical Engineer supporting Formula 1 & GT projects and later on progressed into a Project Manager role, working with customers he had previously supported. Andy's vast experience makes him a highly valued member of the Eltrium team.

Karl Mapes

Technical Engineer


Confident in my accrued experience, I am always keen to apply my expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to new challenges.

I take pride that my abilities and experiences help Eltrium go from strength and strength.

Karl's industrial experience started in the late 80's working in his colleague's garage, which later progressed to become Tony James Component Wiring. During his time there, Karl honed his expert skills in multiple wiring harness disciplines, from initial designs, compiling drawings and building harnesses to quality control inspection. There, he also got to work with some of the world's biggest named teams in F1, LMP, MotoGP and Indy car.


In 1997, Karl joined a well-respected harness company, where he spent 22 years expanding their customer base. As one of the main technical engineers, he supported customers ranging from Aerospace, F1, LMP, WRC and MotoGP. During his time there, Karl witnessed numerous changes in the industry, proving his skills and flexibility to adapt to new technologies, trend developments and challenges along the way.

The Team
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